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The epicenter of renewable energy innovation in Namibia. As a catalyst for transformative change, we harness Namibia's natural resources to fuel a brighter, cleaner, and healthier future. 

About us

OmniSpark Energy Solutions bridges the gap between global expertise and profound local wisdom, unlocking the vast green energy potential of Namibia. With local origins and global aspirations, we're leading a renewable energy revolution for our region and beyond.

Our Vision

We envisage a verdant Namibia, fuelled by sustainable, clean, and efficient energy sources.

We're orchestrating a brighter future, rooted in the perfect balance of technology and nature. At OmniSpark, we're not just generating renewable energy; we're crafting a sustainable legacy

Our Commitment

Aligned with the Namibian Government's initiatives, we are committed to uplifting local communities. We actively nurture local talent, engage with local stakeholders, and ensure our operations contribute positively to local economies.


At OmniSpark Energy Solutions, we deliver an array of renewable energy solutions

tailored to Namibia's unique natural resources.

Wind Power Generation

Utilizing robust southern winds, we generate clean, efficient energy through our state-of-the-art wind turbines.

Photovoltaic Energy

With Namibia's high solar radiation, we transform abundant sunlight into usable energy, offering reliable, green power to our communities.

Hydrogen Energy

We're pioneering the future of renewable energy with our hydrogen energy solutions. We aim to extract hydrogen from water as a clean, adaptable, and secure energy carrier.

Ammonia Energy

We're developing green ammonia energy, a carbon-free fuel with potential roles in power generation and as a green alternative to traditional fuels.

Our customers say about us


I recently had the pleasure of working with Omnispark Energy, and I couldn't be happier with the service they provided.

I have been using Omnispark Energy for my home's electricity needs for the past year, and I couldn't be more satisfied. Their customer service is top-notch, always responsive and friendly.

I recently engaged Omnispark Energy for a commercial solar project, and I must say, they delivered beyond my expectations.


Join OmniSpark Energy Solutions and tap into the untapped potential of Namibia's booming green energy sector

Investment Opportunities

Joint Ventures

We invite global players to establish joint ventures, fostering the sharing of expertise and resources

Project Financing

Benefit from our portfolio of potential green energy projects, offering investment opportunities with significant financial and ecological returns.

Technology Partnerships

We're eager to collaborate with global technology providers, opening doors

for technological exchange and leading to advanced, effective energy solutions.

At OmniSpark, we extend beyond financial returns. Partner with us and invest in a sustainable and prosperous future.

OmniSpark Energy Solutions


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We look forward to shaping a sustainable future with you.